We ASPIRE to greatness;
We BELIEVE in ourselves;
We INSPIRE others and are INSPIRED by others;
We ACHIEVE more than we ever thought possible.


  • In addition, we endeavour to:
    • Develop as global citizens
    • Know about, understand and respect, democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of other faiths & beliefs.


  • We are committed to providing an engaging, innovative and supportive environment, in which we are all encouraged to be ambitious, resilient, and responsible, both for ourselves and the wider community.


  • We strongly believe in a personalised and inclusive approach to learning, which treats everyone as individuals and develops our self-worth, giving us the confidence to embrace challenge.


  • We strive to seek out the best in everyone and celebrate the hard work and success of all.


  • We have the highest expectations to:
    • achieve academic excellence;
    • demonstrate positive behaviour for learning;
    • engage in leading others


  • We should all have a passion for life-long learning and the skills and confidence to succeed in the 21st century.